Hyden - Wave Rock Western Australia


Hyden's relative isolation has meant local residents stay in the area, rather than travel to the city on weekends. As locals make their own fun, sporting and social clubs have strong memberships comprising all age groups and the town boasts strong sporting team representation in a number of association competitions. There are at least 12 sporting clubs in Hyden catering for more than 60% of the population, and over the years our community has raised funds and provided the labour to established very good sporting facilities in the town. The Hyden community has a proud history of backing innovative projects.


Hyden has another 15 community organisations that support the social and welfare infrastructure of our district. These community volunteer run groups include Hyden Silver Chain, Hyden Primary School, Tourist Promotion Committee, St John Ambulance, Hyden CRC, Young Singles Community Housing, Hyden Districts Landcare, Hyden Occasional Childcare and various churches. The Lions Club of Hyden and the Hyden Progress Association also are very active and play an integral part in managing developments and provision of needed services in the community, including housing. Again it has been Hyden's isolation, coupled with out of town local government, that has led the community to "do it yourself" when new facilities/projects are needed and also when counselling, mentoring and emotional support is needed.


Hyden-Karlgarin has excellent inter-community communication with a weekly householder newsletter (Hyden-Karlgarin Householder News) and a monthly locally produced magazine (Waveline News).




To nurture teamwork, local leadership, positive vision and initiative to improve community resources and facilities for community residents of all ages, and to work cooperatively with determination and hard work to ensure that existing and new rural based businesses, tourism, and agriculture, are modern and productive and will have a thriving and sustainable long term future within Hyden's small but vibrant and forward-looking community.